Are you ready
for your professional
model reel
like the one above?
Our introductory 2020 Spring Price is only:
(Offer ends on May 31, 2020)
After chatting with you
and collecting all the details, we will:

meet you at chosen location
(Sacramento, CA area only)
spend with you as much time as necessary 
to make sure we have all the shots we need
(a typical video session is about 2-3 hours)
edit the video, add your name
and background music
send you a download link to the final product
(the reel duration will be up to 2 minutes) 

The professional quality of the final reel
will be similar to the sample above.
The file will be in MP4 format, at 24 fps,
in Full HD resolution (1080p).
A typical turnaround is 5 working days
from the day of the shoot.
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